External Hexagon

Facilitation of intermediaries | Easy execution of the prosthesis | Multiple or single clinical applications

External Hexagon – Biofit

The BIOFIT implant was designed with external hexagon platform with interchangeability between several systems. It has a cylindrical body with triangular threads that have a profile of retentive grooves. Designed to have primary stability in low, medium and high density bone, with sharper bevels and smaller diameter tip.

It has two cutting facets in the middle of the implant body which gives excellent secondary stability. It has a drill protocol reduced its hexagonal insert key (connecthex) avoiding key-to-implant swabbing.

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<p><b>External </b>Hexagon – Biofit</p>

External Hexagon  – Propfit

The HE Propfit conical implant, was designed with  external hexagon platform, and it has interchangeability to multiple systems. His conical body shape mimetizes the natural rooth tooth, simplifying the surgery. It has 1mm collar on platform and trapezoidal threads. Indicated for immediate post-extraction loading.

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<p><b>External </b>Hexagon  – Propfit</p>

External Hexagon – Soulfit

Cilindrical body implant, designed with external hexagon platform and interchangeability with multiple systems. Double thread design, that provides a faster placement  with less trauma. It has a small diameter apex, providing  easier bone compactation.

<p><b>External </b>Hexagon – Soulfit</p>

External Hexagon – Wayfit

Wayfit implant was designed with external hexagon platform, and it has interchangeability for multiple systems. His body shape is conical with double conical threads. Used for bone  typem IV and post-extraction loading.

<p><b>External </b>Hexagon – Wayfit</p>

Component Line HE

Check out the HE component line. Prosthetic resolution: cemented, screwed and overdenture.

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