Surgical Motors

• Motor with torque control – Developed with high technology and indicated for the areas of implantology and surgeries

• Centrifuges – Indicated for blood aggregate techniques

Medium Programmable Centrifuge

Anti-imbalance system with speed lock mechanisms for greater user safety.
Selecting the program type (P / R key).
Display allows you to program the operation in various types of preset procedures.

The Medium Programmable Centrifuge reaches a rotation of 4000rpm.
It is practical, stable and easy to handle, as well as extremely low noise levels. With interchangeable rotors of varying sizes, it provides a variety of applications in one device. Widely used in dentistry.

<p>Medium Programmable Centrifuge


Compact Centrifuge Standard

Use indicated in the techniques of blood aggregates. The 8 x 15 ml centrifuge is a modern equipment of medium size, easy and practical to handle, developed to better meet your needs, has fixed rotor system without brushes and LED display. Widely used in dentistry.

<p>Compact Centrifuge Standard


Motor With Torque Control

D Force 1000 Implant Motor with DSP Biomedical  LCD Display – Carrying case included.

It was developed with high technology and is indicated for the areas of implantology and surgeries. In addition to the visual highlight, harmonization with other components of the office.

<p>Motor With Torque Control


Counter Angle

Contra Angle for Implant FX 200 20: 1

Drilling and Insertion

Maximum insertion torque – 45 Ncm

<p>Counter Angle


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